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Independent Contractor

 Description: Family Home Provider (FHP)
Reports To: Program Coordinator / Executive Director
Created: February 02, 2018

Job Summary

Responsible for maintaining a healthy, safe, and therapeutic environment for individuals served and following through on their individual plans of care. Which may entail providing hands-on assistance and guided assistance in a variety of areas relating to activities of daily living.  These areas may include but not limited to: communication skills, home environment, personal hygiene, behavior management, nutrition and meal planning, employment, budgeting and school issues/attendance and recreation.
Essential Job Functions

  • Ensure the health and welfare of the individuals served
  • Assist individuals served with medication and treatment plans as needed
  • Assist individuals served in the care and cleaning of their home, including reporting of maintenance needs
  • Assist individuals served with money management including budgeting, banking, and shopping
  • Assist individuals served with daily life activities such as: meal preparation, reading usage, use of telephone, use of community services (post office, mass transportation), housekeeping, clothing care, self-care, and personal hygiene
  • Make food and non-food purchases for the home
  • Prepare meals
  • Provide crisis intervention as necessary
  • Complete all required documentation in accordance with applicable state agency(ies) and Evergreen Presbyterian Ministries, Inc. policies and procedures
  • Implement behavioral and other programs as trained and requested
  • Assist individuals served with their goals as outlined in their plan of care document(s)
  • Identify potential behavior triggers and defuse or redirect as needed to ensure safety and well-being of all involved
  • Available 24 hours/day, 7 days a week
  • Provide individuals served transportation in personal vehicle as requested
  • Perform duties which directly relate to the health of the individuals served including, but not limited to: scheduling medical appointments including follow-up as well as attending appointments with consumers; monitoring medications to include reviewing MAR’s to ensure accuracy, ordering medications and discarding unused or expired medications; following up with other professionals, i.e. PT, OT, SLP, Nutritionist; following up with medical recommendations and communicating all to the Program Coordinator; ensuring all medical forms are completed in full before leaving the medical office, i.e. physical, dental, consults, lab reports, spy reviews, TD screenings, etc.; ensuring documentation of phone contact with medical providers and other professionals.
  • Ensure the welfare and safety of the individual served is being taken care of by making sure all food, supplies, and equipment are properly stored and cared for such as cleaning and medical supplies; making sure the home is clean and sanitary at all times to include the care and maintenance of the home and grounds; 
  • Making sure every effort is made that the individual served is free from abuse, neglect, and mistreatment to include reporting all accidents, incidents and medication errors on the appropriate forms.
  • Monitor the individual’s served petty cash, budget requirements and expenditures by keeping track of receipts, monitoring the individual’s served spending and monitoring individual food stamp accounts.
Qualifications/Experience/Job Knowledge

  • At least 21 years of age due to auto liability coverage
  • Effectively read, write and communicate verbally in English and must be able to read and understand instructions, perform record-keeping and write reports
  • Meet and maintain all requirements of the applicable state agency(ies), including good standing with state abuse and neglect registry
  • Ability to learn basic computer skills (i.e. turn on/off, log in/out, input data, approve timesheet)
  • Prior experience as a direct support worker preferred
 Physical Requirements

  • Constantly moves about to coordinate work
  • Regularly assist individuals served physically by lifting and positioning them as appropriate if needed
  • Constantly alert and aware to consumer’s needs
  • Occasionally exposed to viruses and infectious conditions
Assist with ensuring reasonable accommodations to enable individuals with disabilities or a medical condition to perform the essential functions.
Special Requirements

  • Represent Evergreen in public in a fashion that would reflect credibility and professionalism on the organization.
  • Desire to work with people with disabilities and enhance their quality of life
  • Function successfully in stressful situations
  • Demonstrate high moral standards so as to be a positive role model for individuals served
  • Complete all orientation and on the job training prior to starting work
  • Attend all training classes as required
Employment Variables 

Must have a good driving record which meets the minimum requirements for Evergreen and reliable transportation. Must be able to pass drug screen and criminal background check.
Working Environment

Knowledge of community resources and ability to work as a team member · Belief in helping clients change their circumstances, not just adapt to them. · Belief in adoption as a viable means to build levels of independence for the person served. · Have an understanding regarding issues that are specific and unique to people with developmental and physical limitations.
May be required to work in a variety of settings and environments both indoors and outdoors; depending on the needs of the person served.

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